Does it really need 
to be that hard?
The ultimate Game-Changer question.
The problem

Navigating business travel online can be a real headache for companies. Most websites out there force businesses to jump between different services when booking flights, managing risks, and handling VAT recovery. This not only eats up time but often leads to unexpected fees, making it challenging for businesses to stay within their budgets.
Adding to the complexity, not all websites offer the convenience of finding everything in one place. Businesses end up toggling between platforms to book flights, rent cars, and secure accommodation, creating unnecessary hassle in the process.
On top of that, many websites fall short when it comes to providing support. In emergencies or last-minute changes, quick assistance is crucial, but not all platforms offer the 24/7 help that businesses might need.
In summary, the problem lies in the lack of simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly features on many existing websites, making corporate travel a more complicated and expensive process than it needs to be.
How did I do it?
1. The interviews 

Getting ready for talks about the OTB website, I chatted with different businesses to learn about their experiences with corporate travel services. I wanted to know why they pick certain travel platforms and what issues they face in managing their business trips. Even though I knew a bit about corporate travel services, talking directly to businesses was super important to really understand what's going on:

Scenario 1:
Lots of businesses felt frustrated with generic travel platforms. They wanted something personalized, not the one-size-fits-all approach. They were looking for a platform that could tailor travel plans to match their specific needs and preferences.

Scenario 2:
Some businesses struggled to stick to their travel plans and keep their teams motivated. They missed having a support system that could guide them and adjust plans as their travel needs changed.

Scenario 3:
Many companies were skeptical about existing platforms truly understanding and meeting their unique travel needs. They expressed a desire for a website that goes beyond just automated processes. They wanted a travel platform that not only makes things easy but also connects with them, providing personalised support and guidance from experts.

These scenarios highlighted the varied needs and challenges faced by businesses when dealing with corporate travel services. The common thread among the businesses was a desire for a more personalized touch in their travel management experience. The interviews showed that many businesses are looking for a travel website that not only streamlines the process but also connects with them on a more personal level, offering tailored solutions and expert guidance.
2. User persona
- Alexandra struggles with the inefficiencies and complexities of corporate travel services;
- She finds it time-consuming to search for the best flight and hotel options within company budget constraints;
- The lack of transparency in pricing and booking processes adds to her frustration.

- Wasting valuable time searching for the best travel options;
- Difficulty managing travel expenses within company budget constraints;
- Lack of transparency and clarity in pricing and booking processes.

The last straw for Alexandra was a recent business trip where she struggled to find suitable flight options within the company's budget.
She ended up wasting hours comparing prices and dealing with complex booking processes.
This experience made her realize the urgent need for a better corporate travel solution.
Alexandra wants to streamline her corporate travel experience and reduce time and effort spent on managing travel bookings and expenses.
She desires a simplified and transparent solution that can save her time and ensure cost-effective travel arrangements, ultimately allowing her to focus more on her work and productive engagements during business trips.
Did we make it?
Yes!  🎉 
The final product is a game-changer for businesses, making corporate travel a breeze. The design is super easy and clear, helping businesses save time in more ways than one. Everything is neatly organized in one place, cutting down the hassle of toggling between different platforms. The simplicity of the design is a time-saver itself, allowing users to navigate effortlessly without getting lost in a maze of confusing options.
No hidden things here – the straightforward design ensures that businesses can see and understand everything easily. The user-friendly interface makes it a piece of cake to book flights, find accommodations, and manage every aspect of the travel journey. The goal is to simplify the process from start to finish, making it not only easy to use but also a joy for businesses to navigate and book their corporate travels hassle-free.
I leaned a lot.

Being part of the OTB project has been a huge learning experience for me, both as a person and as a designer. Talking with different businesses and doing various research taught me a lot.
One major thing I picked up was how to communicate better. Dealing with different companies meant understanding their unique needs and challenges. It wasn't just about making things look good; it was about finding solutions that fit each business.
Research became a big part of my routine. I learned to dig into market trends and understand how people behave when it comes to corporate travel. This helped me become better at analysing information and turning it into useful insights, which is handy not just in design but in many areas.​​​​​​​
Learning about the booking flights, accommodations, and transportation for businesses added another layer to my skills. It made me a more versatile designer, someone who knows the ins and outs of the industries they work with.
The OTB project has been a journey that goes beyond just designing. It's shaped me into a professional who not only makes things look good but also understands the needs of businesses and the complexities of corporate travel. Looking back, I take with me a bunch of new skills, insights, and a deeper understanding of how design fits into the big picture of corporate travel.

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